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Starting in 2014, Effingut Brewerkz has brought its passion for great beer and its love of experimentation together to create legendary craft beers. Located at 5 locations accross Pune & Mumbai. In Pune you can find Effingut at – Koregaon Park, Baner and Kharadi & In Mumbai – Colaba and Bandra. The driving ethos for Effingut is to create food and beer that venture away from the routine and conventional.

To this end, there are always 8-10 beers on tap giving us plenty of opportunity to not just create beers that you love, but also those that introduce you to new styles from around the world. Firmly rooted in our heritage, some recipes use local ingredients to highlight Indian flavours for the local palate. Our beers, ciders and meads will always be fresh, hand crafted and with no preservatives, chemicals or artificial additives.

Food is an equally important part of the Effingut experience – choose a complementary food pairing from our expansive multicuisine menu or go crazy with a contrasting one! There are a variety of Indian, Oriental, and Continental dishes that you can choose from to complement the artisanal beer.

So come on over – join us for a pint or couple it with one of our popular theme nights. Enjoy our signature dishes and tell us what you liked best with your beer. Have fun, taste the difference and discover craft beer along the way!