Bubbling with enthusiasm, the craft beer industry in India has grown significantly. A lot of its credit also goes to beer enthusiasts from the craft beer industry. This helps them in honing their skills to start a brewery or add great value to the existing breweries. The craft beer industry has given people to experiment with the flavors in sync with the consumer’s needs. Every brewer’s aim is to get the good beer back. What exactly is good beer? Let’s rewind for a bit…

Having one definition for good beer may make it so boring. Good beer is a combination of interesting, new flavors, challenging, flawless, balanced, smooth and more importantly it is a drink that is satisfying. These were the qualities which were possessed by the great men back in history. Despite of deprivation of technology, these great minds still made the best beer there will ever be. The history of craft beer in India is rather fascinating. India’s first brewery was started in Kasauli in 1830!

People didn’t follow trends but created them – this led to the birth of Craft Beer. Craft beer was easily accepted and liked because of the process of brewing, ingredients, flavors and more importantly, the freshness.

There are too many variations brewing in the beer industry since the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the world saw craft beer fading, as bottled beer started taking over. Preserved beer has taken over as it is easily available. At the same time, the industry has seen the change in curve favoring towards craft beer as people have now started to realize the true value & essence of ‘good beer’. The microbrewery industry in India is hardly 7-8 years old but it has been increasing at a rapid speed. With its growing popularity, Craft beer is in fact emerging as a new area of interest for private equity investors too due to the demand of the consumers. With the health benefits that it offers, the craft beer industry will boom in the coming years.

“Go back to your roots” is the best marketing solution which can be given to brands who want contented consumers. The brand needs to understand the difference of wants & needs of the consumer as the wants will keep changing but the needs stay consistent. The changes need to be in line with the consumer’s expectations and not in a way where the brand can be hampered. Our country’s thirst for craft beer is growing with its young audience and investors catching up.