The Legendary Brewpub

Effingut Koregaon Park – Where it all Began!

This Brewpub in Pune has a special place in our hearts, as it is where the Effingut journey began.

With its rustic 90s beer pub vibe, this Brewpub has a unique ambiance that transports you to a different era. The rock and roll art on the walls and 80s and 90s tunes add to the charm of the place. This has made Effingut an iconic destination in Pune’s pub culture and is one the best breweries in Pune, something we are proud of!

But just not it at Effingut we always have something for everyone. Step into Effingut Veranda the newest extension to the Effingut Koregaon Park Brewpub. This vibrant and versatile addition brings a whole new dimension to Effingut’s craft beer and dining experience. Seeking a calm and relaxed setting? The Effingut Veranda offers just that. Whether you’re looking to work or unwind, you’ll find a serene atmosphere that caters to all your needs!

At our Koregaon Park Brewpub, we continue to offer the same passion and dedication to craft beer that we started with. Our menu features a wide range of signature craft beers, all brewed in-house using the finest ingredients. From classic lagers and ales to experimental ciders and meads, we have something for every beer lover and our ever-exciting bar offers will surely give to the best beers rates in Pune.

To top it off, we host a variety of events throughout the week, from beer tastings to live music nights, ensuring that there’s always something fun and exciting happening here.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, come on over to Effingut Koregaon Park. It’s where it all started, and we promise to continue to offer the best of craft beer and an ambiance that you won’t forget.

Location Details


No. 21/A, Plot No. 389, Serene Bay Lane Number 6, Pune Maharashtra 411001

+91 7620038888

+91 8390907410

Operating hours

12:00 pm – 1:30 am

what’s on tap


screwdriver seltzer

Light – High Carbonation – Citrus On The
Nose & Palate


Chocolate On The Nose – Dark Mahogany Colour – Sweet Malt Balanced With Noble Hops


Banana, Cloves & Bubblegum – Yeasty Body – High Carbonation


Clean & Crisp – Hoppy & Fruity – Easy Drinking


Toasted Malt, Banana, And Cloves Aroma – Malted Wheat – Malty Richness

sorachi ace saison

Refreshing – Aromatic With Fruits & Spice On The Nose – Citrus Balances The Bitterness

english bitter

Caramel Forward And Hints Of Toasted Malts – Medium Body – Moderate Earthy Bitterness

belgian wit

Refreshing – Hints Of Orange & Coriander – Subtle Spice


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Delhi offer @125

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+91 762003888

+91 8390907410


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